Stir Fry Vegetables with Brown Rice

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Who doesn’t love a good stir fry??  Well, other than Mr. M. But more on that later.  I’m always up for some soy sauce and broccoli over rice and finally found the perfect combination of fresh ingredients.  Finally.  As in, I stir fry once a week for three weeks, then take a break for a couple and start again.

We invited a friend of ours over for dinner at the beginning of Lent.  I knew he was doing the Daniel Fast so I wanted to cook something accordingly.  I went to and was happy to find a few main course dishes. I actually made cauliflower curry stew that night, but the moment I saw ginger listed in the stir fry I knew I had to try it too.  The original recipe calls for a lot of vegetables.  I highly recommend using a wok.  It worked out alright in my frying pan, but things got a bit messy!  Everything but the water chestnuts and peas were included, though the greens and beans can be left out if you want to keep it easy.

Garlic, ginger, and green onions sauteeing...the most mouth-watering aroma!

Ginger and I are long-time friends.  We go way back to the day I decided natural living is for me.  I’m going to dedicate a post to that day because it transformed my entire way of thinking and lead me to a much healthier life.  Now that my friend ginger has made it into cooking…whoa.  Such an incredibly fresh flavor!

But the surprising pièce de résistance?  Almonds!!  We, like ginger, are good buddies.  And again, my little friend took cooking to a whole new level.  The final texture is perfection!

Serve it over brown rice.  Or brown Texmati, still my rice of choice.  Make it for dinner tonight, it will change your life!*

Judges’ Ruling:

Mr. M:  I just don’t like stir fry.
Little V:  Can I have peanut butter jelly bread?
Baby D:  pppppfffffffbbllllpppppp

Boo to them.

*Okay, so it won’t change your life.  Make it anyway.


Cauliflower Curry Stew

This blog is no longer in use.  Please head over to my new site:

I have now cooked this twice.  It’s been amazing both times.  Seriously yummy stuff.  I love that this dish doesn’t require a meat but is still filling.  It has limited ingredients, is nutrition rich, and beans and rice together are a complete protein.

I found the original recipe on the Goodhouskeeping website and won’t repeat it here because I didn’t change much.  The first time I tried it, I followed the recipe exactly.  Earlier this week, I didn’t have Greek yogurt or prepared chickpeas, so I substituted sour cream and cannellini beans accordingly.  Next time, I’ll do the sour cream again but use chickpeas.

Time to start chopping.


So good!

Judges’ Ruling:

Mr. M:  “You can star this one and the fettuccine chicken one again.”
Little V:  [Too busy scarfing it down to comment.]
Baby D:  [insert lots of giggles and clapping while filling his diaper the next day]