Baptism Cake

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This cake is super yummy and I sampled waaaayyyy too much of it.  I used a butter fudge mix for the cake, raspberry filling, and vanilla buttercream icing.  The drop flowers are royal icing, I made them in advance, then refrigerated them until I was ready to put them on the cake.  V even got in on the action with this one.  I sat her on the counter to help me with the mixer and she went to town cracking eggs!  It was way cute and most of it made it into the mixing bowl 🙂

two cookie sheets of drop flowers

lots of yummy raspberry filling

For some reason there's an echo-y voice in my head yelling, "Chocolate layers...ASSEMMMBBLLLLLE!"

going easy on the icing

Moments like this make me wish I'll be having a slice.


Kayak Cake

My husband recently bought a kayak.  So for his birthday I bought him a bunch of accessories and his cake was kayak themed!

This was my first time (ever) using fondant.  I honestly don’t like modeling freehand.  The cookie cutter trees weren’t so bad.  But for me as only a hobbyist, I think I’ll stick to buttercream.

White chocolate pound cake, filled and topped with buttercream and the dirt/sides in chocolate buttercream.  Yum!

Cakes, Mistakes, and Learning From Them

This first cake was my first attempt at basketweave, my second at drop flowers. Thankfully, there are so many drop flowers that by the end, I think I finally got them down! This cakes major error? I should have turned on the a/c and let it get nice and cold. The icing melted horribly and I had to put it in the fridge every few minutes so I could work with it. And the coffee in the mocha buttercream started to separate so the bottom rope has dark spots.



I made my first “novelty pan” cake this past weekend. Boy, do I have a lot to learn. I think it turned out great considering, but there’s a few finishing touches that it could use. For example, how on earth can I get the sides smooth when it’s a shaped cake??? Regardless, it was a delicious spring cake mix with lemon buttercream icing.


Valentine’s Cake

Duncan Hines white cake mix
Buttercream icing
Raspberry whip cream filling

Note: I had a hard time getting the icing to smooth for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is that I was afraid of adding too much milk and ending up with runny icing. A friend of mine suggesting using heavy whipping cream instead. Definitely going to try that next time!