Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush

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I thought I’d do a quick review on my favorite line, the Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blushes.

Tawny and Lilly

These are the  shades that are no longer a part of the regular line.  I adore these shades.  They are so natural on my skin and work with a multitude of eye and lip shades.  I think both will be sorrily missed when I run out.  Luckily, I’ve barely made a dent in them so they should be around for awhile.

Top: Spice, Sunset / Bottom: Flamingo, Flushed

Click here for swatches, pictures, and review.



4 thoughts on “Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush

    • Hmm… Sunset leans a bit apricot, but is definitely in the orange family. If comparing it to a yellow-orange vs. a pink-orange, then I definitely say it runs pink. But it’s every so slight. I hope that makes sense! As far as Flamingo… wouldn’t you know that’s the one I set aside to wear for a week. FOTD in the works!

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