Baptism Cake

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This cake is super yummy and I sampled waaaayyyy too much of it.  I used a butter fudge mix for the cake, raspberry filling, and vanilla buttercream icing.  The drop flowers are royal icing, I made them in advance, then refrigerated them until I was ready to put them on the cake.  V even got in on the action with this one.  I sat her on the counter to help me with the mixer and she went to town cracking eggs!  It was way cute and most of it made it into the mixing bowl 🙂

two cookie sheets of drop flowers

lots of yummy raspberry filling

For some reason there's an echo-y voice in my head yelling, "Chocolate layers...ASSEMMMBBLLLLLE!"

going easy on the icing

Moments like this make me wish I'll be having a slice.

3 thoughts on “Baptism Cake

    • Still wishing I had eaten some. The cupcakes I made from leftover batter and icing were yummy, but didn’t have the filling. Lucky for me, Mr. M has a birthday soon so there will be more cake…just for us!

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