A Beginner for Bronzing

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I always thought bronzers were for the sole purpose of looking unnaturally and orangey tan.  Or for trying to look over-madeup.  That it isn’t necessary for every day and should be saved for models and celebreties.


Since indulging in the world of online swatches and beauty tutorials, I’ve come to embrace bronzer as a little miracle worker.  Here are my favorites:

A bit on the messy side!

Click for more pictures, swatches and review.


15 thoughts on “A Beginner for Bronzing

  1. oooh the new Sonia Kashuk one looks stunning!!!!!!!!!!! I am quite a slave for bronzer! it really awakens my face to look human again and blush to look alive!!!! glad u hopped on the bronzer train!

    • It is stunning…go buy it. Now! 😛 I’ve been using it instead of a highlighter to try and convince the sun to come out and play. It gives such a beautiful glow – just the right amount.

    • Yes you must! I’ve been using it almost religiously. So. Pretty. I’m dying for her new lip line to hit the shelves too…the colors are gorgeous and the formula sounds a-maze!

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  3. Both of the Sonia Kashuk bronzers are going on my wishlist now! Gorgeous! I only wish I could hop in my car & go to a Target & get them right this minute….however, the nearest Target to me in any direction you point is at least 2 hours away, sadly, 😦

    • Totally worth ordering online. Target does free shipping on orders more than $50. You can not wait for these bronzers 😛

    • That first one is tough… They are two different bronzers both in shade and in benefits. I’ve been favoring Goddess lately because of the terra cotta shade. I really like the color of it. Check out her website for a little bit more info on them, maybe that will help you make your decision: And it definitely works on light skin, it’s all in what brush you use to apply it. If you buy one, let me know what you think 🙂

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