Potato-Crusted Quiche

This was painfully delicious!  (But it doesn’t have to be painful, so please take heed to follow my helpful advice.)

The M’s are breakfast people, especially on the weekends.  I like to cook up something special on Saturdays and Sundays.  This recipe for potato-crusted quiche looked simply delicious and called for Gruyère cheese…yummm!

I made this in a 10″ omelette pan and cut the recipe in half (which exception to the egg white; I used a whole one each day).  I then made it once Saturday and once Sunday.  There were no leftovers either day.

My own substitutions and choices are as follows:

  • whole milk instead of low-fat
  • Virginia-smoked ham to compliment the smokey Gruyère
  • no tomatoes, because Mr. M is not a fan
Let the drooling begin! (Or skip the ham if you’re a veggie and choose a sharper cheese for bolder flavor.)

***Take note:  While I don’t think that any of you are idiots, I don’t consider myself one either.  The skillet you choose to begin this recipe is also the skillet you will use to end this recipe.  It will go in the oven, and come out of the oven.  And I expect you’ll set it on your stove as I did.  Please leave a hot pad over the handle so you remember it is hot!  I gripped it with my right hand moments after removing it from the oven and…well… let’s just say I’m thankful that breastmilk heals burns quickly.  Even burns that cover the entire inside of a hand and four fingers.***

Gotta love a little fresh watermelon too.

Judges’ Ruling?

Mr. M:  “Oh my gosh, sweetie, this is awesome!”
Little V:  “What’s this crunchy stuff?”
Baby D:  (silence)

3 thoughts on “Potato-Crusted Quiche

  1. This looks soooo yummy, and the little watermelon cut-outs are probably the cutest thing ever. I’m sorry about your hand though! I do stuff like that all the time. =/

    • Fortunately, it healed FAST. Glad you liked the watermelon…I’m beginning to think I should just adopt you 😉

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