Jemma Kidd Backstage Kit – Part II

Now that I’ve told you what’s in the palette, I need to show it off!  But first, a few notes.

  1. I should mention that the correctors have a variety of consistencies.  The green is almost a wax, and the others are very wet with the eye/lip primer being the wettest.  All of them need to be built up, but blend easily and don’t look cakey.  I haven’t bothered trying any brushes; I simply use my fingers.  It is also important to note that they must be set with a powder.  (Think Erase Paste, but less extreme and much easier to work with.  does that make any sense??)
  2. The bronzer, blushes, and powder make quite a mess if you use a large brush.  Either use a smaller brush or condense the bristles while picking up the powder to avoid getting any of the other products on your brush.
  3. And this is the most important…  I’ve included a number of pictures because I want to show you how my face transforms by using makeup.  A friend commented to me the other day that I’m pretty, “like magazine cover.”  I have little to no self-confidence in most areas and I truly don’t find myself very attractive.  But by using a few simple tricks (like the ones Jemma Kidd provides), I feel confident in my appearance.  And let’s face it – confidence is attractive.

Moving on.

Remember I mentioned there was a guide included?  I used all the products and applied them where suggested and look what happened:

Before: completely bare-faced

After: I know, right??

The difference is pretty impressive.  Let me break down how I got here:

Corrector on one eye only (notice the shine...MUST set with powder)

Corrector on both eyes - If I set it like this, I'd leave the house. In sweats to the grocery store at least 😉

Foundation is added.

Forgive the mask-like appearance, but I wanted to show the importance of the following step.  Wearing only a foundation that provides more than sheer coverage will make anyone look one-toned and mask-ish.  Blush or contouring (or both) is necessary.

Contour with bronzer and highlighter.

My completed face.

I used the Apricot Shimmer blush, Strip lipgloss, filled my brows (Sonia Kashuk Brow Definer in Taupe), added eyeshadows in Vanity Fair, Vogue, and  Aubergine Shimmer, lined with Black (wet), curled my lashes, and applied mascara (Maybelline Colossal).

Feeling Confident

14 thoughts on “Jemma Kidd Backstage Kit – Part II

  1. This look absolutely gorgeous on you Alison, not that EVERYTHING else doesn’t too! I agree with your friend, magazine cover indeed! 😉

    • Thanks, Danielle. All these beautiful women complimenting me has left me a little overwhelmed! Glad everyone can see what a little bit of makeup can do 🙂

    • You’re so sweet! But we do need ladies with long luxurious locks like yours. And yes, the alliteration was just for the literature nerd in you 😉

  2. This breakdown is really useful 🙂 You look really lovely and natural, too. I think you look fine w/o makeup as well, but with makeup is such a nice polished look I can see why you’re loving it

    • I used the correctors from this palette under my eyes and L’Oreal True Match W5 as foundation. Glad you like the look…it’s a fantastic kit!

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