Jemma Kidd Backstage Kit – Part I

I’ve long been wanting to try Jemma Kidd products, but never knew where to start.  And I continuously feel like I can’t find much info in the blogosphere about the products from her line that are available at Target.  When I saw this kit (on clearance for $10) I knew it was destiny (or money burning a hole in my pocket…take your pick).

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized how many of the products in this kit are part of her regular line!  All four lip glosses, the bronzer, and eight of the shadows.  And, despite being labeled as “exclusive” on the back of the packaging, all four of the color correctors in this collection look very similar to her JK Mannequin Skin Perfector Kit that I’ve also seen at Target.

Lucky for me, I now have lots to play with from the Jemma Kidd line and I must say I’m pleased!  This palette is definitely worth the retail price of $35.00.  If you’ve been interested but never dove in, buy it for the simple fact that it makes a very thorough collection of samples.  Otherwise, take my word on it and pick up the full-size of anything in it.  I am really very surprised with how much I love the entire palette.

On to photos.  You’ll have to forgive the photos.  There was one of those annoying plastic sheets in the palette and it nicked a few of the products on the left.  Then I thought, “Oh well” and swatched a few of them before photographing 🙂

The packaging is plastic.  Not incredibly cheap, but certainly not so heavy-duty that I’d feel comfortable dropping the kit on my bathroom floor.  I love that the top row slides out so that the closed box stays slim.  I also love how sleek the whole thing looks. (Though I’m a sucker for anything black.)

Don't say I didn't warn you about the mess!

I’ve always been careful about color correctors.  I mainly need concealing for my red/brown undereye circles.  And my skin is very warm so anything pastel/cool-toned normally sends horror film sound clips through my head.  But I decided to give it a go anyway (I had the bronzer and a bunch of the shadows to try out!) and I’m glad I did.  Would you believe that I can use only the correctors and walk out of the house without foundation?  I don’t believe it either.  But it’s true!

The shadows…Oh, the shadows!  Just. Lovely.  The sixteen shades included here are quintessential to any makeup collection anyway, and a variety of textures are used.  O-so-very-wearable.

Finally, the water resistant bronzer (hello summer help)!  I long used a shimmering bronzer, but then dove into mattes for winter.  This one provides a slight orange hue but no worries – it looks like warmth and not fake-bake.  The blushes provide a natural flush in either cool or warm tones and the finishing powder is surprisingly translucent.  Anything this stark white also scares me off!

As far as the lip glosses… The pigmentation is fairly perfect.  I tried on Sassy first and was pleased that the cool pink is flattering on me.

Part two of this review is in the works.  A how-to guide was included in the box with suggestions on how to use and wear to place these products.  A major bonus for those of us ladies who love our beauty products but need assistance in placement!

I’m loving this palette.  Since purchasing it, I’ve been eyeing up Jemma Kidd’s line every time I’m at Target wondering what I can try out next!

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