A Review: Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer

I decided to treat myself to a new concealer because I never seem to last long with just one.  I’m still happily using my Sonia Kashuk products together, but I like to change things up a bit.  While at Ulta, I asked an associate to recommend a concealer for undereye circles.  She repeatedly swatched peach-toned products for me until I informed her that I really need something yellow-based as my skin is not pink-toned and my circles are a red-brown color.  (Anything peachy makes me look ashy, regardless of how I apply.)

She then showed me the Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer and I immediately knew I had to get it.  Full-coverage, the best yellow-based shade I’d seen, and a formula that isn’t liquid, but isn’t cake.  It’s almost…a clay consistency?  I purchased the shade Medium for $20.00 (0.70 oz/20 g).

I apply with my ring finger under my eyes, then take any leftovers and dab my eyelids and up towards my eyebrows.  It only takes the smallest amount.  I also use an even smaller dab over the tip of my nose.  I do this before foundation to make sure my finished product is an even color.  I’ve also tried using a concealer brush, pointed foundation brush, and dense domed brush, but still prefer my finger for the smoothest results.

Completely au natural. (I must really love you all.)

With concealer only. (LOVE that yellow!)

This is 8 hours after applying a full face of makeup. No touch-ups necessary.

I absolutely adore Real Deal Concealer.  I’ve owned it over two months and there’s so much left I’m guessing it will expire before I get half way through.  I prefer wearing it with medium to full coverage foundations and use others for more sheer bases.  I recommend it for anyone needing to correct with yellow.  (I’m not sure how it would fair on women with blue circles who need more of a peach corrector.)

One last thought…  The sales associate told me I’m “too hard on myself” and don’t need such heavy coverage.  How to you feel about SA’s making such claims?  Has anyone ever steered you away from buying a product?

My take is this…  I went into the store with a full face of makeup looking for an undereye concealer.  The SA had no idea what I was currently wearing.  Her comments, while maybe meant to flatter (I guess??), were way off base.  I simply wanted to find a product that would meet my expectations to help me look more alert and awake.  I have tried countless concealers over the years and am finally happy to have one that covers and makes me look bright.

2 thoughts on “A Review: Laura Geller Real Deal Concealer

  1. Excellent review! I must try this when I am done with the concealers I am currently working through. I don’t have good luck with Ulta SAs. One of them applied a blush on me (even though I told them I already I owned it) and she showed me what she had done in a mirror and I was shocked. I looked like a clown. She was actually going to let me walk around like that! Eeep! I hid a few aisles over and grabbed a tissue and started wiping like crazy so I could look normal again!

    • Yuck. I don’t let SAs apply anything on me. They’re welcome to rec products and have a swatch-a-thon on their own arms, but….no. I let a product rep demonstrate Pur Minerals on me and I walked out with orange polka dots all over my face. Never. Again.

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