Love at First Base

I’ve been on the hunt for one method that works to apply every foundation that I use.  I don’t like having a beauty blender for one, pointed brush for another, and stippling brush for a third.  While browsing through EcoTools, I happened across this beautiful brush:

EcoTools Bamboo Finishing Kabuki Brush

I’m admittedly a sucker for anything bamboo, but come on…it’s so pretty!  I read up on it and decided this brush was for me.  I love shorter handled brushes for applying a base and longer handles for color.  However a traditional kabuki is more dense than I prefer for foundation, and stippling brushes tend to give me a more even finish.  So this little hybrid, if you will, meets my needs.

Short Handled

Denisty is a cross between the average stippling brush and a kabuki brush.

Application:  Stipple. Stipple. Stipple.  Bleennnnnddd. Beautiful!

I’ve used this brush for two weeks.  I don’t experience shedding, even when washing.  So happy to have this brush replace three other applicators for my foundation.  Saves space, saves time, looks better!

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