Smoothies – Because I Don’t Have Time to Eat

Okay, so that title is a bit misleading. But running around after my toddler and infant leave my hands full and time limited when it comes to eating right.  One tasty and easy way to get my fruit is making a smoothie every day.  I’ve found it fastest to start with a frozen fruit, then add a banana and some juice.  Here are my favorites:

Açaí Berry Smoothie:

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  • 1 Smoothie Pack
  • 1 small banana
  • 8 oz V8 Fusion (Cranberry Blackberry is my favorite!)

The best part of using V8 Fusion is that it’s a serving of fruit and of vegetables (the more important of the two) in addition to the açaí puree and banana.  That’s three servings of fruit and one of vegetables in one cup!  The açaí is USDA Organic (hooray) so that makes up for the price tag ($7.99/pack of four at my grocery store) and it’s a superfood.  I still haven’t found these in bulk, but I’ll definitely buy a box if I do.  Because it’s already pureed before frozen, it’s the easiest to work with for those non-VitaMix blenders!

By the way, The PROPER pronunciation for Acai is “Ah-Sigh-EE.”

Strawberry Banana Smoothie:

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  • 1 single serve cup sliced strawberries
  • 1 small banana
  • 8 oz Dole 100% Juice Paradise Blend

This is the more affordable of the two recipes, but the less nutrient packed.  I can, however, buy frozen fruit cups in bulk and therefore see myself using a variety of these more often.  I’ve also seen these cups in blueberries or pineapples.  And while Dole makes a multitude of frozen fruit options, I like the cups because they are pre-measured and sliced.  I do feel a bit guilty for the environment though, so I may look out for a bagged variety that will blend quickly.

Next step:  Find a way to blend in spinach/kale/romaine.  Do you make smoothies?  Feel free to share your favorite recipe below!

3 thoughts on “Smoothies – Because I Don’t Have Time to Eat

    • The packs in the freezer aisle with the frozen fruit. Had to look a little the first time I bought them, but they’re always in stock 🙂 I haven’t tried kale chips yet, but I hope to try some soon!

  1. I loooooove smoothies in the summer time! The boy makes them every morning before we go to work. He usually adds tofu too, for protein (keeps me SO full). I like strawberries, blueberries and bananas the most, but I also like variety too. Sometimes he surprises me by adding raspberries, and now I hope we can find the acai packs!! Will be noting this recipe for when the weather gets warmer! 😉

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