New Blushes – Plum and Nude

I’ve been wanting to purchase a plum/berry blush, and a nude blush so I was excited when I saw Maybelline’s new Dream Bouncy Blushes.  These shades are gorgeous!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy - Plum Wine and Coffee Cake

However, they were not worth my time or money.  I actually ended up exchanging them (replacements below) and here is why:  the consistency.  SO W-E-I-R-D.  I honestly don’t know what to make of these.  They are like…sponges?  I swatched with my fingers and really didn’t get much pay-off without lots of layering.  They left a stain more than anything.

Plum Wine / Coffee Cake

Obviously, the Coffee Cake was a no go.  That took a ton of layers (I think it was something like 6 or 7)!  I thought maybe I could work with Plum Wine using a dense flat top synthetic brush because the color really is pretty.

Wearing Plum Wine

It did give off a hint of color…sort of a natural flush texture.  But in the end, it was too much hassle and not what I was looking for.  Also, I tried rubbing my fingers onto Coffee Cake and it crumbled.  Um, no.  Both went back to the store and were replaced by:

Milani Fantastico Mauve / Sonia Kashuk Lilly

Milani Fantastico Mauve / Sonia Kashuk Lilly

 A shout-out to @WillWrkFrMakeup, @BloominBeauty5, and @lilladylife for leading me in the right direction on Fantastico Mauve.  Let’s face it, Milani does blushes well!  And while Lilly wound up more pink than I was looking for, I have been eyeing it for months and Sonia Kashuk blushes are high quality so I’m not complaining.

Any suggestions on something that better matches the Coffee Cake?  Maybe Milani’s Rose D’Oro?  I’m trying to find less pink and more natural or even peach.  I’ll keep looking!

5 thoughts on “New Blushes – Plum and Nude

  1. I am so weirded out by these blushes. I kind of want to buy one just to feel it. I wonder if anyone has tried applying them directly onto the cheeks instead of using fingers or a brush and then putting it on the skin? That wouldn’t work if the lids don’t flip down completely though.

    Anyway, your replacements are lovely! I’ve been meaning to try out the Milani blushes. =)

    • I was thinking about that method, but it would give you a bunch of circles on your cheeks. If you rub/swirl it against your skin it will break apart. I do think they would work out better on fair skin if you’re looking for a stain finish.

  2. I’m nervous about these after hearing such mixed reviews, but I think I have to give the two I bought a go myself before I make any judgements. I must say, though, that the items you replaced them with were well selected. I couldn’t have picked two better replacement products myself 🙂
    ♥ Jessica

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