As Seen In…A Blog of Vain Pleasures

The gorgeous Kelly from A Blog of Vain Pleasures did a post using a favorite palette of mine and I couldn’t resist recreating the look.  I have to agree that using blue shadow sends a three second horror slideshow through my mind.  Images of Drew Carey’s Mimi, Miss Piggy’s eyes, and 90s hair flash across the screen of my imagination and I inevitably reach of a different color.  But in an effort to try something new, I played around with Bossy Bobbi from theBalm’s Shady Lady Vol 2.

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Isn’t she lovely?  Kelly’s results yielded a much cooler toned look than mine, but it’s all about personal touches to make it your own, right?  So with Kelly as my inspiration, I created my own Bossy Bobbi (two days in a row…that tells you something!):

The blue tone didn’t transfer to the camera without this angle (probably something to do with the extreme lighting conditions at this time of day).  But you can see how wearable it is, especially when applied over black liner.

I used Palladio eyeshadow primer over my lid and in the crease. Then I applied Sonia Kashuk’s blackest smudge liner heavily under and over my upper lashline, before lightly covering my lid with it.  I smudged it out with my finger to create a matte black base.  From there I applied Bossy Bobbi to the lid and just into the crease, Insane Jane in the crease, Devilish Danielle on the brow bone, Tempting Tara on my tear duct, and Feisty Felicia to the outer V.  Overall, the application was very similar to Kelly’s but with one major difference:  the base.  The difference in black bases we used gave us very different and equally gorgeous results.  I also ran my liner on my lower lashline and covered it with a touch of the blue on a smudge brush.  I strayed from lining over the shadow on top for a less dramatic look.

My cheeks are a blend of Sonia Kashuk’s Tawny and Sunset, a new favorite combo of mine for instant warmth and light.  And my lip color is Truffle, also by Sonia Kashuk for it’s easy swipe and go application.

What struck me most about Kelly’s post is the rock and roll-ness of the look 🙂  I sure do miss my punk rock days sometimes, but this is a nice compromise between the looks of now and then.

Thank you Kelly for making the blue in this palette so wearable.  If you all haven’t been to her blog, go take a look and be sure to say “hi” on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “As Seen In…A Blog of Vain Pleasures

  1. Both you and Kelly are gorgeous! Both of your eye looks are super flattering and eye-catching! LOL @Drew Carey’s Mimi! That’s what I think of when I imagine blue eyeshadow gone horribly wrong too!

  2. aww this is such a great post! i like your look, it isnt as intense and more daytime friendly. funny how much a different base can make a difference in the look!

    • I did “barely there” makeup for so long that I’m still learning to build intensity and wear it confidently. Some day I’ll rock that look with even more BAM!

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