theBalm Shady Lady (Vol 1)

Another great TJ Maxx find, ladies!  I couldn’t be more excited about breaking my no-buy. It’s always theBalm that does this to me, this time for the first volume of the Shady Lady series. The original of the three is as high quality as ever and has knock-your-socks-off gorgeous shades.  I already own Vol 2 and am more than thrilled to have eight more shades to play with. That’s right, one is a repeat: Caught in the act Courtney.  But I don’t mind at all because it’s such a rich lightly glittered shade of brown that even I (yes, the hesitant-to-all-things-glittery girl) can truly appreciate.

(in natural light)

I originally wanted this palette for Jealous Jordana, Curvy Cami, Jet-Setting Jennifer, and All About Alex, but of course every shade is just incredible. theBalm sure does pigmented color well without compromising their creamy and easily blended formula.

Row 1: Caught in the act Courtney, Shameless Shana, Luscious Lani

Row 2: Jealous Jordana, Risqué Renee, Curvy Cami

Row 3: Jet-Setting Jennifer, All About Alex, Easy Wheezie

So what do you think?  Jet-Setting Jennifer will probably see the most use of any, but All About Alex is even more stunning than I expected before swatching.  I’m so in love (without even using it yet!) that I may end up getting Volume 3 some day.

2 thoughts on “theBalm Shady Lady (Vol 1)

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