Eye on Neutral – Three Complete Looks

Simple yet stunning, a necessity in every woman’s makeup bag.  This palette of 12 matte neutral shades (swatches here) and three complete step-by-step looks is about as simple as it gets.  Every combination I’ve tried looked lovely, classic, and very natural.  I photographed each of Sonia Kashuk’s suggested looks to show you the results.

Softly Contoured Eye

My favorite part of this combination is how fresh I looked.  So fresh in fact that I didn’t style my hair, but simply pushed it behind my ears.  The lip color is the perfect finishing touch.  A quick swipe of bright pink to waken up the entire face.

A Wash of Neutral

To this day, the lip color scares me.  Not while I’m wearing it, but looking at it in the tube and putting it on in my horribly lit bathroom are rather terrifying.  But all my fears are put to rest knowing it’s safe to be worn in this combination because Sonia Kashuk has never steered me wrong.  Looking at these pictures, what was I so afraid of?

Smokey Eye

Let me preface this by saying that this is the smokiest my eye makeup has ever gotten.  I’ve never used a highly pigmented black before, only deep browns (think espresso), plum purples, and varying shades of gray, all of which are soft enough to get by even if I messed something up. Because I’ve never worked with black shadow in this intensity before, I took it slow and learned a lot.  But with practice, this look is very polished and sophisticated enough for daytime.  I went sans liner, but I’ll be sure to pull out that pencil on my next night out for a more dramatic effect.

I can’t believe I waited so long to purchase this palette.  In my defense it’s so popular that it’s been out of stock for quite some time, but I should have bought it the instant I saw it on the shelf at Target.  I definitely see myself making up for lost time and can’t wait to try more combinations.

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