Brow Formation

This has been a long time in the works and will be rich in pictures to show just how important the often overlooked brows are.

The story begins July 10th when I looked in the mirror and decided I wanted fuller brows.  I’ve been tweezing for 10 years now and at some point during the last year, my brows got thinner and thinner.  I thought thinner meant more feminine.  And with my short hair, I felt I need all the feminine I can get.  To add to the need to tweeze, my brows are naturally uneven.  During high school, people always told me my brows didn’t “match.”  I just told them, “I know,” and left it at that.  The truth of the matter is that no matter how many little hairs I pull, they won’t match because they grow so differently from each other.

I researched high and low (okay, watched youtube tutorials and read blogs) to find out just how my brows should look and what I could do to let them perfectly frame my face.

Step 1 – REALIZE YOU HAVE A PROBLEM – Take a look at various pictures from over the years.  Are your brows at your best? Feel free to click for closeups.



2008 - getting thinner

Fast Forward - 2011 - Where did they go?! Let's take a moment to mourn for them. (And my very round pregnant face!)

Step 2 – PUT DOWN THE TWEEZERS – This may be the hardest step because it involves seeing a lot of this and not being able to do anything about it:

BAM! ::insert cheesey horror flick scream::

Step 3 – WAIT PATIENTLY – Yes, wait.  Cut some bangs into your hair, bury those tweezers, and avoid the urge to wax.  In the meantime, do some research.  My favorites?

Step 4 – KEEP WAITING – Those little hairs won’t grow in overnight.

Step 5 – SHAPE, FILL, LOVE – There was a lot of trial and error in getting the exact look I wanted, but it was well worth it.  Because eyebrow hairs don’t grow in symmetry, I grabbed a kit I saw at TJ Maxx to have a guide. (See photos here.  I use “Curved Arch.”)

  1. Line up the template to match the top of the brow. Most importantly, let the top of the template’s arch match the top of your natural arch.  The template may be too big which is why it’s important to use that tippy top to get it right.
  2. Fill in the template with an unnatural color.  I used a navy blue eyeliner.
  3. Remove template and tweeze anything under the brow that is not covered in color.
  4. Decide how wide you want your nose to look.  Brows do not have to line up with the edge of your nostril. Tweeze the inside edges.
  5. Trim if you feel the need.

You have now shaped your brows.  This does not need to be done on a regular basis.  Pull strays as necessary and use the template whenever you think you’ve lost shape.  Filling your brows can happen before or after applying eye makeup.  I do mine after to keep eye shadows from altering my brow color.

  1. Comb with your preferred tool.  Many girls like using a spoolie.  I think it works best for thicker brows.  I use a brush instead, combing up and out at the inner half and straight out at the outer half.
  2. Fill as desired.  My method of choice is to use a darker pencil on the very inner lower corner where they grow the least similar and on the outer half.  Then I take a lighter pencil and fill the inner half. (Haze for darker / Taupe for lighter)
  3. Set with brow gel.  I have heavy bangs that otherwise push those little hairs every which way.




Present day. Shaped, filled, loved.

 Face Framed.  Mission Accomplished.

4 thoughts on “Brow Formation

  1. I LOVE this post, your brows look sooo good now!!! I decided to grow out my eyebrows this summer too 🙂 It’s been about 4 months and I think they’ve grown out to their full potential. It’s funny how our brows look better now that we left them alone and for so many years we were just messing them up!

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