FOTD – Sept 14, 2011 Style

Digging into the Meet Matt(e) palette a little more.  I also used Sunset blush by Sonia Kashuk.  She suggests it as an every day blush in her latest videos and, while I thought it would be entirely to bright, it does add just the right amount of color.  I also love the lip color and gloss combo (also Sonia Kashuk, Truffle and Cheerful).  All in all I think it’s a fun look.  What are my plans for today?  …Making a return to Target and library store time with the kids.  Gotta love the life of a mama 😉

Natural light.

Flash. What is up with the shine?! Must.figure.this.out.

Nyx Eye base in white, Schilling all over lid, Horowitz in crease and lower lashline, Batali at V, Patel above crease to blend, Smith to highlight

Good hair day + plus loving the colors = Extra pic

So what have I learned?

  • The forehead shine needs to be figured out.  I dropped my bronzer awhile back and it broke up a bit.  Maybe too much is getting on the brush now?  It looks fine when applying, but obviously something is going on…
  • Sunset blush really was a fantastic purchase and I’ll be using it year round.
  • I applied a nude gloss a few hours later instead of the Truffle/Cheerful combo…bad idea.  This needs a more colorful lip.

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