FOTD – Sept 13, 2011 style

Finally got into two new theBalm products that I’ve swatched and haven’t really used yet.  I happily did my eyes with my Shady Lady palette and my cheeks with the gorgeous Hot Mama <— adore this name.

See the shimmer of Hot Mama when it's in more light?

Just this Once Jamie all over lid and on lower lashline, Insane Jane in crease and outer 1/3 of lid, Caught in the Act Courtney in outer V, Devilish Danielle as highlight

What I’ve learned from today’s face…

  • I need to use a different lip color with Hot Mama.  But which one?
  • My left eyebrow grows a lot slower than my right (reverse in picture) and it needs to be filled in on the bottom a bit more with a darker pencil.
  • I love the formula of theBalm’s blush and eyeshadow!

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