Today’s Purchases

With the multitude of finds that Danielle of BloominBeauty has been posting and tweeting about, I had to head to my TJ Maxx to see what I could pick up.  I’ve never tried theBalm products before, but fell in love with the Meet Matt(e) palette Danielle featured in a giveaway.  I sadly didn’t win, but knew I needed to get those shades and fast.  This morning’s shopping episode was clearly a winner.

The first thing I snatched off the shelf was (naturally) theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) palette.  After all, those shades were the reason I drove the 12.9 miles to TJ Maxx, right?

Matt Smith, Gallagher, and Ramirez <---yummy rich chocolatey goodness

Matt McDonald, Horowitz, Chung, Batali, Schilling, and Patel

I’ve just spent the last six minutes trying to pick my two favorites and came up with my least two favorites instead: Smith and Chung.  But the rest of you boys, prepare to be worn with pleasure!

The next thing that caught my eye is the e.l.f. Eyebrow Collection.  Since letting my formerly pencil-thin brows grow back in I’m at a loss for how to get what I really want.  So I figured this is a good way to test a variety of products to decide what I like before finding my must-haves.

The templates are what first caught my eye because I need a little guidance creating a new shape and making sure I don’t ever get so thin again 🙂 But I’m also eager to try the wax and powder to see if it’s more up my alley than pencil. And with bangs, I can never have enough brow gel!

At the checkout I ran across a ton more goodies and grabbed two… (what a random place to display them!)

They also had Vol 3, but I prefer these deeper tones.

Courtney, Felicia, Jane, Bobbi, Mary, Jamie, Marissa, Tara, Danielle

These shades really are in the same family as my Eye on Fall Color palette, but they’re just different enough for me to “need” them 😉  Something about Jane and Danielle are really pretty, though I see myself using all of them except Tara. (I really do need to learn how to use white shadows…)

And last but certainly not least…a blush/shadow by theBalm:

Hot Mama in natural light

pink shade

gold shimmer

This one looks like it will warm up my cheeks through the cooler months!  Can’t wait to check out the glow it gives.

Be prepared for a ton of looks coming your way…goodness knows I have enough new product to to a FOTD for a looong time!  Which combinations would you most like to see?

P.S. I spent $43.97 on $93.00 worth of theBalm products.  woot!


7 thoughts on “Today’s Purchases

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