Perfecting My Face

We’ve all heard that starting the application of makeup is the same as “an artist starting a new painting with a fresh clean canvas” right?  Well it’s an obvious and well-known truth and I’m about to show you just how true it is.

In spring of 2010 I looked in the mirror one day and decided that my mineral powder foundation made me look ruddy.  I had been wearing it for a long time and felt embarrassed by the obvious mismatch of foundation shade to skin tone.  And thus began my quest, if you will, for the ultimate foundation.

My face in natural light after cleansing and moisturizing.

As a makeup junkie I read blogs, watch video tutorials, and subscribe to Allure.  These are all very helpful in coordinating eyes, cheeks and lips, and in giving me seasonal tips, but none of them have told me which skin tone I have.  Even with the “help” of in-store shade finders and online product suggestions on brand websites, I am 100% clueless at determining this for myself.  To make matters worse, I’ve never sat in front of a sales associate to get that seemingly necessary MAC shade match.  The only thing I know about my skin is that it most definitely does not have a pink undertone and that was learned the hard way. So if anyone wants to clue me in, I’d appreciate the information 🙂

Most of my makeup products are from Target or Ulta, and after trying various brands, formulas, and shades (none of which matched), I quickly learned that it’s worth the few extra dollars to get the right foundation.  So I decided to try a completely new-to-me brand and purchased Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Luminous Foundation for $10.49.The first time I tried it, I looked in the mirror and went…”Oh no… I’m yellow!” And after staring at my face in horror for a few minutes I realized, “so is my neck…” and then I realized my face, neck, and chest matched.  Completely.  And, other than my face being evened out, I couldn’t tell that I was wearing foundation.  This was an absolute first.  Ever.  (That was also the moment that I learned how important good bathroom lighting is and that I didn’t have it!)

*In the following pictures, I am wearing undereye concealer and foundation in Buff.

In natural light, before powder.

With flash, before powder.

In the last year, I’ve admittedly tried other brands because I love trying new things.  But nothing has ever come close to what Sonia Kashuk’s foundation does for me.

Shades:  It comes in six shades, of which I wear Buff for 10 months out of the year and Bamboo for the other 2 because I tan deeply and quickly.  Buff does carry me through the majority of my tan and I could pull off that shade for the entire year if I chose to.

L-R: Buff, Bamboo

Blendable:  Six shades might seem like a very limited selection, but the best thing about this foundation is how incredibly blendable it is.  The limited number of shades is actually what drew me to this line.  How could I screw it up with such a “limited” selection?  And I was right!  I don’t cover my entire face – can you tell where I applied it?

With flash, after applying translucent powder.

I use less than one pump of product.

I bet you can take a pretty good guess based on my “before” picture, but have no clue where the line is between makeup and face!

Buildable:  I’ve applied my foundation using a wet or dry sponge/beauty blender for sheer coverage, and flat foundation brush, stipling brush or pointed foundation brush (my favorite!) for medium coverage.  And I can build up for heavier coverage with any method.

Finish:  The finish is beautiful with a natural looking glow.  My skin is normal-combo so I use translucent powder to prevent my T-zone from shining.  I’ve worn this while pregnant and my skin went from oily to super-dry and everything in between and I didn’t have to change brands.  I simply changed the application of loose powder to match my needs.  I also use powder to set my undereyes and to prepare my lids for shadow.

Staying power:  The final criteria that has me satisfied is the way this formula stays put.  I don’t expect it to outlast a triathlon, but I also don’t want it to “melt” or slide on my face.  The summer heat, high humidity, and perspiration are no match for my made-up face.  By the end of the day I don’t look as fresh as the start, but I am presentable and haven’t lost the majority of my foundation.  At 10:00pm (15 hours after applying my makeup) it takes a good washing with cleanser to get my face completely clean.

Cons:  If I had to find something to complain about, I’d wish that it set by itself a bit faster.  After first applying, I admit it does feel damp.  But rather than powder my whole face, I just give it time and it “dries” on its own.  Also, there is a bit of a scent while the foundation is wet, but it doesn’t last nor is it over-powering.

Cost:  In the last year, I realized my $10.49 wasn’t that much of a splurge.  I have seen numerous Sonia Kashuk products compared to many “high-end” brands.  I also learned that while her line is only available at Target, she uses fantastic formulas but found a way to make it affordable for the every day woman. Check out what she says about her brand here.

All in all, this is my favorite must-have will-use-forever-and-a-day product!  Pick yours up from Target today.  Oh, and if you need a little help finding your shade, just email Sonia 😉

Finished look, natural light.

Finished look, with flash.

4 thoughts on “Perfecting My Face

  1. Honestly, you have really nice skin to begin with. But I agree, the foundation looks good on you! I’ll keep this in mind the next time I run out of foundation (I rarely ever use foundation, I just don’t like it much).

    • Thank you for the compliment! I especially love the way it evens out the tone to my eyes, nose and inner cheeks so everything matches. I do take very good care of my skin to keep it looking nice, but the foundation perfects it 🙂

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