My On-the-Go Makeup Must-Haves

Danielle of recently did a post of what she carries in her makeup bag…the one in her purse.  It reminded me of how big my makeup bag was before I had kiddos and no time.  (Quick moment to mourn the extra minutes I used to have.)  So here are my slimmed out, mom-on-the-go, must-haves:

  • Taken on my BB in true I-just-don’t-have-time fashion!
  • Sonia Kashuk roped kabuki brush – who actually likes the puff or sponge that comes with powders???
  • Sonia Kashuk lip color in Mauvey – I don’t wear it every day, but keep it in my bag because more often than not I forget to toss in my color of the day
  • FitMe pressed powder in 220 – normally I used translucent powder, but when the temperature is over 100 every day, sometimes color needs to be touched up!
  • Sonia Kashuk glosses in Cheerful and Sexy – that’s summer to fall ladies, and my makeup has been a bit schizo lately in anticipation of fall 🙂
  • blotting tissues – when these run out I’d like to try a different brand, what’s your favorite???
And it’s all kept in a cute little Burt’s Bees pouch from a gift set.  I’ll have to do The Contents of My Mommy Bag in another post to show alllllll the other necessities I carry on a daily basis!

One thought on “My On-the-Go Makeup Must-Haves

  1. Super cute! Twins! We are both carrying SK Cheerful gloss! Isn’t that such a great formula? You have just the right amount of essentials. I like the Palladio Ricepaper sheets. They have a tiny bit of powder built in for extra absorption! P.S. That brush looks amazing!

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