Red Red Lips

As fall is quickly approaching, I’m ready to break out the bolder colors.  One of my fall goals is to master a red lip, and I’m hoping the lip colors I bought today will help me do just that.  I fell in love with the lip color I saw on the model in the lower right corner of Sonia Kashuk’s 10th Anniversary with Target ad.  After emailing Sonia, I found out the color is actually a blend of two different Luxury Lip Colors.  So I purchased them both and decided to show them off individually.

Swatches: Sheer Rosebud and Bordeaux

Sheer Rosebud, lightly blotted

Bordeaux, lightly blotted

Wearing Bordeaux

I’m favoring Bordeaux right now, because I’ve never worn something as bold as Sheer Rosebud before but I’m hoping to recreate the model’s look in a future post.  That color is just too good to pass up!

These lipsticks are lightweight but very pigmented and can even cover up my natural lip color, which is a feat in and of itself.  I love the creamy texture of these lipsticks and the convenient caps which show off a swatch of the color.  Not having to read labels to find the shade I want makes my morning quick and easy!  Sonia Kashuk’s line is exclusive to Target and these retail for $8.99 each.  No driving out of my way or breaking the bank to get them.

So what do you think of these colors?  Are either of them that perfect red?  What Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Colors are your favorites?

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