Lights Camera Lashes!

I saw this mascara at Ulta for buy one get one FREE and had to get it.  It retails for $19.00 so it certainly isn’t drugstore pricing, but with one free? Couldn’t resist.

The packaging is way cute and the non-circular shape made it really easy to hold.  I like the idea of it being natural as well as conditioning.  It also claims to volumize, lengthen, and curl.  Using two coats, here are the results:

Not bad, right?  But I must say it didn’t live up to my expectations.  It didn’t curl my lashes at all and even dropped some of what I put in before applying.  It did give volume and slight length.  As far as conditioning, my lashes felt very soft while I was wearing it, but I didn’t use it long enough to give an actual opinion.

The biggest cons I found were the lack of curl and, while I didn’t get the waterproof version, my eyes watered a little bit one day and the mascara would have runnnnnn if I didn’t get to it first.

So while this was a decent mascara, to me it wasn’t worth the $19.00 and I returned both tubes.  If you don’t care as much about having a dramatic curl or if you’re into natural makeup, I’d say it’s for you and to head over to Ulta while the sale is still going on!

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