Reasons I’m an Amazing Mother

Sometimes I need to remind myself that I’m an amazing mother.  Sometimes I need a laugh.  Sometimes I need a pick-me-up.  So I’m going to use this opportunity to list a few reasons that I am a rock-your-socks-off wish-she-were-mine kind of mom:

  • Silliness is a must during my day.  Funny faces, goofy voices, singing, dancing, and quirky games are a requirement every hour.
  • Snuggle time is not to be taken for granted.  “Suggle, Mommy?  Suugglllllle???”  “Of course, V.”
  • Kisses, kisses, and more kisses.  Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of kisses.
  • Variety.  Story time, shopping, playground, swimming, patio, walks… we do it all.
  • Make believe.  Cooking, cleaning, visiting the zoo, flying in an airplane, medieval sword fights… because sometimes it’s nice to leave the toys in the baskets and play in the living room.
  • Sunscreen and hats.  I like to think I’m protecting my kids from the crazy UV rays found in our tropical climate and therefore teaching them how to take care of the skin they’re in.
  • Speaking of which:  Let’s be comfortable in the skin we’re in.  I never miss an opportunity to tell my children they are beautiful.  Whether they’re covered in food and needing a bath, rumpled from a good nap complete with stinky breath, if V has done her own hair or D is showing off his big baby rolls, if they’re dressed to impressed or in their birthday suits, my children are beautiful.
  • Continued education.  I’ll never stop learning.  Life is an education.  I make mistakes and learn from them.  I find better ways to care for my kids.  I study techniques to improve my hobbies.  I research what my kids eat and the remedies I use.  I make informed decisions.  It doesn’t require tuition or a degree.  I continue my own education.
  • Forming, shaping, and teaching.  Every moment is a teaching moment so I choose wisely which ones will make an impact on my children.  V says “please, thank you, and sorry” without being asked.  She can count, knows her colors, and her letters.  She recites Dr. Seuss.  She knows multiple ways to solve a problem.  She can match up the long sides of her shapes and shape sorter.  I’ve given her critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze a situation.  And she’s already trying to teach them to Little D.  By the way, V is barely two.
  • Bedtime.  It’s for routine.  It’s for jammy-jams.  It’s for lovies.  It’s for blankies.  It’s for being covered and settling in for the night.  It’s for snuggling and kisses and talking about our day.  Bedtime is for being thankful for all of our many blessings and hoping that those we love so deeply can be as blessed as we are.

I am an amazing mother and will grow with my children so I can keep being an amazing mother.

What makes you an amazing mother?

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