Pop Goes the Grey

I intended to go makeup-less this morning (gasp!) but by 9:00am, I knew I needed to put my face on.  Everytime I caught myself in the mirror (a lot when potty-training a toddler!), I saw how tired I looked and that just dragged me down even more.  During my second morning pump, saw JennySueMakeup’s blog on grey shadow and knew what I had to do!

I have to admit that I never knew grey shadow could make brown eyes pop. But JennySue is right…hellloooo brown-eyed girl!  I used a deep taupe on my lid and crease and a champagne on my brow bone.  My cheeks went tawny, my lips floral.  With a quick black line on the upper lid, smudged taupe shadow on top and bottom lash lines and two coats of mascara, I finally felt ready to face the day…and I accomplished everything on my To Do list.  It’s amazing what I can accomplish if I take fifteen minutes out of my morning to fix myself up!

What do you think of the shade?  A lot of brown tones to it… Can I go more grey or should I stick to browns?

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