Running on Empty

After two successful “big potties” by V, an awesome Twitter Feed of a Makeup 101 Class and D having a successful bottle-feeding day, I had today all planned out and I was excited for a laid-back day. No such luck. Sometime after 6:00 last night, something went terribly wrong. Was it the new toys V got in the mail as a gift? Was it the donuts to celebrate making potty? Or did the latte I had in the morning upset D’s tummy? Maybe it was just a combination of it all, but my head didn’t hit the pillow until 1:00am. When my alarm went off at 6:15 all I could think was, “Uuugghhh… I am NOT going to make it through today.”

Sure enough, my lack of sleep has left me impatient, grumpy, and negative. Hubby is off to a conference this evening leaving me (still!) unshowered, tired, and overworked with a 2-year-old who has forgotten the potty chair already, and a 2-month-old who has forgotten how to eat an entire bottle before falling asleep.

Tody’s goal: Declutter house, wash and put away bottles and pumping accessories, hand wash the toddler underpants in my bathroom sink, clean off the dining table (again!), dust, clean kitchen counters, clean bathrooms, cut my overgrown hair, that now hangs over my eyes, SHOWER, plan for our weekend trip, and somehow make it to bed by 10:00. Go ahead, laugh.

Maybe I should just make it my goal to survive. ::Sigh:: There goes my alarm, pumping time is up. Time to get V to pee, eat, and go to bed, find lunch for myself and eat before it’s D’s turn again. Yeah. Right.

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