Potty, and Bubbles, and Rainstorms, Oh My!

V made her first “big potty” on her potty chair this morning. It took over two whole hours of off and on trying, leg crossing, fussing, and “Mommmmyyyyyyyyy!” And forty minutes of actual sitting, but she did it! Her reward? Puppy dog stickers, chocolate chips, and a trip (after dinner) to get donuts. We tried bribing her with just the donuts, but I realized a day later that she doesn’t know what they are! So, I found something else for today and she’ll meet pink-icing-with-sprinkles heaven later today!

I was hoping to spend the afternoon on the patio blowing bubbles, but while the sun is out now, most of the sky is that deep dark summer rain grey. Looks like when she finally wakes up from her nap will be couped up in the house again. Should’ve picked up a movie from the library this morning after all. Oh well, I guess will just have more practice with “big potty.”

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