Caught Blushing

I’ve been wearing blush for over ten years and today found out the key… using the right brush!  I’ve owned numerous blush brushes, but apparently never one that got it just right.  While I do own many Kashuk Tools brushes, I always thought my blush was just fine so I didn’t invest in one from this line.  However, when I saw the new Starter Set I couldn’t resist.  I already own a domed shadow brush, but still thought the set was a good investment…and for such a low cost!

This morning I put the blusher to use and was shocked at how soft and flushed I looked!  I used a very bright blush that I’ve owned for a couple months, but always felt slightly too bright in.  My new brush applied just the right amount of the color with now harsh lines.  It blended it beautifully and was the perfect size to sweep from apples to temples.

See it here paired with Coraline lip color.  Love it!

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