Calorie Counting?

I’ve always had snide comments about thin women who count their calories because I never saw a reason for it. The whole, “I can’t eat that piece of bread, I’ve had too many carbs today” thing completely annoyed me. But with the amount D eats every day, I have become one of those women.

After losing 2.5 pounds without trying and hitting my bare minimum weight, I decided I needed to be more careful about my nutrition. On my next trip to the grocery store, I picked up whole milk versions of my favorite dairy products, purchased Nutty Bars, and some Snackwell caramel corn (just for the heck of it). Earlier this week a friend told me about MyFitnessPal, and now I’m hooked.

My profile is set to an active lifestyle and I created an exercise called “Breastfeeding” filed under cardio activities for lack of a better category. I now know exactly how many calories I need to fill in what’s being taken out. I love how easy it is to add food, water or exercise and that so far everything I’ve eaten was already in the database. As an added bonus, there’s an app for my phone so I can add things immediately instead of waiting until I can get on the computer.

So yes, I now count my calories. But it has definitely opened my eyes to eating a healthier balance and it is teaching me what it takes to get in shape while still keeping up with my son.

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