Baby Weight Update

So my little D is not so little.  As a matter of fact, he’s huge.  And somehow, seven weeks after giving birth, it’s been five weeks since I lost any weight.

I talked to my midwife about this.  Turns out I forgot to count the extra 10 pounds that now reside in my bra.  Therefore my goal weight of 125 is a bit impractical!  If anything, I should lose only 4 more pounds.  Really I should just tone up and get back in shape.

Inspired by a former heavy-smoking non-exercising friend, it’s my goal to run a half-marathon in 18 months.  My midwife gave the okay to start out very slowly on exercise and to make sure my protein and fat caloric intake are nice and high.  I have slight separation of some of my stomach muscles so I need to regularly check that they are healing.  Other than that, I’m good to go!

I’m finding it hard to eat tons of calories so I make sure to snack regularly and never get that “hungry” feeling.  I’ve been doing side-lying leg lifts, situps (I can now do fifteen!), and twenty minute walk-jog-walks.  I quit doing my favorite ab workout video until those muscles are closed up and where they belong.  No use in making the separation permanent!

I can proudly announce that I’m able to button another pre-pregnancy skirt (tight as it is!), and can pull another pair of shorts over my hips.  Someday, they too shall be buttoned 🙂

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