Mascara Review

I’m always on the hunt for a “better” mascara and finally almost settled on one (Maybelline Colossal).  I say “almost settled” because I still drooled over others and even purchased another.  And then I was intrigued by a few more and thought, “What the heck…I’ll just buy them all and do a review!”

My key qualities of a great mascara?

  • I love Volume !  Length, not nearly as important.
  • I love BLACK !  The darker, the better.
  • I love  curl !  It must hold the curl I add before applying.

For each of these mascaras, I chose the blackest color and most waterproof (because they tend to hold curl the best) formula available.  I used the same makeup everyday, including a very neutral shadow and no eye liner to best show off my lashes!  Each picture shown is of two coats of mascara.

The results – It’s a toss up between Maybelline and Sonia Kashuk!  They each have their perks, but I’d need further criteria to pick just one!

Lash Blast Fusion




Lash Boost

Color… Curl… Volume… Thoughts…
Cover Girl –
Lash Blast Fusion
very dark almost gone needs 3 coats with dry time between to show
  • surprising separation
  • dry time is too long
Cover Girl –
Natureluxe Mousse
very dark dropped completely clumpy, not full
  • yuck
  • very wet
  • takes too long to dry
Sonia Kashuk –
dark holds 12+ hours tons, and buildable
  • shocking amount of length to go with the volume – bonus!
Maybelline –
Volum’ Express Colossal
dark holds 12+ hours tons, but can not add to it after lashes dry
  • flakes with combing
Pixi –
Lash Booster
soft black holds 12+ hours  limited to application before it starts to dry
  •  difficult to remove
  • no separation

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