This is the House That Sick Built. And Nature Repaired.

My allergies kicked in recently and my sinuses quickly started being infected.  So I ran to the local health food store on Sunday to see what homeopathic remedies their nutritionist could suggest that are safe for me to take while breastfeeding my son.  The nutritionist loaded me up with three products.  Two supplements for allergies and a bottle of Vitamin C.  Did you know that to rid yourself of allergies, it’s recommended you take 8,000-20,000mg of Vitamin C daily???  And the normal amount is 600mg.  Yikes!  Anyway,  I quickly put back the Vitamin C and one of the supplements, leaving with only Emerald Labs Allergy Health Formula.

Sunday evening I took the first dose and Monday morning the second.  By noon on Monday I was feeling great!  I continued taking it twice a day through yesterday and I’m feeling great!  It prevented my sinuses from getting any worse and completely relieved the symptoms.  And it’s been raining for the last couple days so I don’t plan on continuing until my allergies come back.

Unfortunately, my daughter caught a cold and then passed it to my husband.  So we aren’t out of the woods yet.  As my daughter is only two, I’ve been treating her congestion with 1-2 Tbsp of organic honey as needed (it really works!).  She’s also been getting baths in Up & Up Vapor Bath before bedtime.  She went through the cold very quickly and as of yesterday afternoon is her happy little self again!

On top of that, my allergies wiped out my immune system and I woke up yesterday morning with terrible pain in my right breast.  Anytime I moved my arm or body, walked, leaned forward, held my son, hugged my daughter…pretty much anything…I was in terrible pain.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t get put on hold just because Mommy isn’t feeling well.  So I called the midwife who suggested I treat it like a breast infection, hope I caught it quickly enough and wouldn’t need antibiotics.  Lovely.

As often as I could get my son to eat, I put him to that breast.  Apparently that breast didn’t drain as it should and bacteria got caught internally.  And without a healthy immune system to fight off the bacteria, an infection developed.  By the afternoon I had a low-grade fever and felt like I had the flu.  It was definitely an infection.  So I spent the day resting (as best possible with a two-year-old and one-month-old), applying heat every 2 hours, nursing as often as possible, drinking as much water as my body would take, and packing in any food that had Vitamin C (and wishing I bought those supplements after all).

Overnight my original plan was to pump every two hours because my son was finally sleeping five hours straight every night.  But when he refused a bottle through 30 minutes of trying to get him to eat I went with Plan B.

Plan B (the CURE for a breast infection):  Co-sleep topless on a lot of towels with the infected breast towards the baby’s mouth.  Every time the baby stirs enough to wake you, offer him your breast.

Between leaking all night and the baby actually eating more than usual without being woken, I woke up this morning feeling almost completely better.  I continued with the fluids and frequent nursing all morning and I am pleased to report that by lunch time I was back to 100%.

So…for allergies, colds, and breast infections, nature has a cure!


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