I’m Back!

My little boy was born 2 weeks and one day early on May 23rd!  Thank goodness he came early because he was already over 9lbs.  Now that I’ve had sufficient time to heal, I’m ready to get back in shape.

In the first two weeks, my very big eater took 20 pounds off me.  I was shocked and thought maybe I wasn’t getting enough calories, but my midwife assured me that the little guy is gaining plenty of weight and therefore eating enough (he’s at the top of the charts in both height and weight).  It has been an additional three weeks and my weight has completely plateaued even though I’m now making healthier food choices.  Apparently the rumor is true – it’s harder to lose the pregnancy weight after you’ve already had one child!

I’m not saying I should be at my pre-baby weight already, but I do think it odd that I’ve not even lost one pound in the last three weeks.  So, I’ve decided to get back on DailyBurn to track my nutrition (and make sure I’m eating enough of the right things while breastfeeding) and to keep a record of exercising to remind myself that I am in fact doing something for my body other than the daily grind.

My Stats

Height: 5′ 7″
Pre-Baby Weight: 120 lbs
Peak Pregnancy Weight: 159 lbs
Current Weight: 138 lbs
Goal Weight: 125 lbs

Now, I know my weight goal seems a bit low (as did my pre-baby weight), but I have a VERY thin frame and have always been under-weight without exercising.  So my goal of 125 lbs is actually really healthy.

It’s also my goal to have more muscle tone because let’s face it, with my little guy gaining weight as fast as he is, I need to do SOMETHING to keep up!

Here’s to a healthy lifestyle!

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