Poppy Field – Take 2

After yesterday’s post, I decided I wanted another try at this look.  I went with more orange touches and am surprised to say I prefer it to the original with more pink hues.

So what did I do differently?  Replace the darkest shade of Bronzed Beauty with the most orange shade for the crease, then take the lightest shade and use it as a highlighter.  Also, instead of lining the bottom with Blue Jean, I lined the top.  This made the pink stand out more, and I’m not much a fan of lining the bottom of my eyes anyway.  For the lips, I used Coraline instead of Mauvey.  I feel most lip colors still show up a touch more pink on me than they look on swatches, but that’s something I could have corrected by using a tinted moisturizer to neutralize my lips a bit first.

What do you think?  I’m rather pleased!  Plus, I just have to point out…look how bright my undereyes are!!!  I’m ecstatic 🙂

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