Covering Undereye Circles

Like many women, I am always looking for a better solution to cover my undereye circles. For me it’s a genetic discoloration with a brown-ish color. I have read every tip, watched every tutorial and tried every product but never found something that satisfied my want for a brighter appearance. So many products are targeted for either blue or purple undereye circles and leave me looking ashy. On top of that, I find my skin tone hard to match with most foundations and concealers. So I turned to the creator of my all-time favorite best-ever matching foundation: Sonia Kashuk.

Recently, Sonia had a blog post offering assistance via email in color matching, product selection, and answers about her spring line. I decided to take advantage of her willingness to help and emailed her with my issue. I filled her in on the specifics of my problem and told her my foundation match is her Luminous Perfecting Foundation in Buff (or Maybelline FitMe 220 for a second reference) and that my skin tans very easily. I also asked for application techniques in case I was doing something wrong.

A couple days later I received a response with suggestions from Sonia herself. Her product recommendations were for Take Cover Concealing Stick in Dusk and the foundation in Buff. She even went a step further to say the best way to distract from the undereye issue is to apply a smokey look to the eyes and that her new Eye on Neutral Instructional Eye Palette was the way to go.

Wow! Not only did I get advice from a real makeup expert, but it was so very informative! So what did I do? I went out and purchased the concealer and started planning this blog.

Here is my lovely face first thing in the morning:

As you can see, it needs some evening out! So I took Sonia’s concealing and foundation suggestions and applied my base using a concealer brush, my finger, and a foundation brush to give me this:

*The change in my skin tone is from a lighting difference, but you can still see the results - even skin and brighter undereyes!

On my cheeks I used creme blush in Petal, then set everything with pressed powder in transluscent medium using a damp beauty blender. I then applied a look similar to one found in her palette. I used her Perfectly Neutral Eye Palette for my eyes and Azalea Lip Color to finish the look. I also filled in my brows and applied two coats of mascara and voila! I’m ready to face the day:

I love the finished look and am relieved to know I am now using the advice of a true beauty expert rather than struggling through product after product trying to find a solution. A big THANK YOU to Sonia for all of the tips!

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