Today’s Purchase

Today I hit up the Sonia Kashuk aisle at Target again to punch up the color even more.  With every intention of purchasing her lip gloss in Cheerful and cheek color in Sunset, I was excited to feel so good about using brighter colors.  But something about the fluorescent lighting or maybe my tendency toward neutrals left me feeling very hesitant about going so orange.  So instead, I went with more pink-ish hues.  Luckily for me, both products have been recommended for this spring.

Creme Blush in Petal

This blush is recommended by Instyle as the “Honeysuckle color of the moment.”  I just think it’s pretty 🙂  Having already used SK creme blush in Blossom for a few months, this was an easy buy.  I adore the easily blendable texture and the natural pop of color it adds to the apples of my cheeks.  I can build it or I can leave it rather sheer.  I like that I can use it on 5-minute makeup days or when going full-face and spending much more time getting ready.  My favorite method of application is using the flat top multipurpose brush.  I tap it into the blush, dab it lightly on the area I want the blush, then gently swirl to blend it.  I find it’s best to start light and build if I want more.  I’ve also used the wide end of a beauty blender which works well for very quick application but I prefer a brush when I have the time.  A little goes a long way with this product!  The price, consistency, and lasting-power are all fantastic!  My only suggestion is to go a little darker/brighter than you want the final color to be as putting a tinted setting powder over the top will tone it down a bit.

Luxury Lip Color in Azalea

There is a new neutral eye palette out this spring with how-to instructions for three different looks.  While it looks fabulous, I am fully stocked on neutrals so I won’t be purchasing it.  I did watch Jessin21’s video reviewing all three looks and I loved it.  She always does a great job on her tutorials and reviews so the average girl can recreate the same beautiful face.  In one of the three looks is where I found the suggestion for the Azalea lip color.  It is very bright, it is very pink (not purple, not orange, not red like some pinks are) and I adore the color.  I have turned Mauvey into a regular shade, but Azalea takes it up a notch for a bright and beautiful spring.  I love the creaminess, the moisture it adds to my lips, and that it leaves my lips themselves tinted slightly as it wears off.  This lipstick lasts a 2-3 hours, but I reapply regularly because I love the feeling of moisture on my lips!

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