Plain Jane

I am plain. My favorite color is black. I wear solid-colored clothing.  My hair is not color-treated or highlighted. My favorite lipsticks are nudes. My eyeshadows are neutrals and my liner is black. Up until now I’ve enjoyed being plain.

Whether it’s the beginning of the third trimester of this pregnancy, boredom with my current look, checking out Allure’s spring trends, or too much time with Crayolas and my 1 1/2 year old, I’ve decided to dive into spring filled with color.

Recently, I bought a coral sundress to be worn sometime late summer when I finally fit into it. I bought red sandals to give my many (many!) black outfits some oomph. I even managed to buy sapphire eyeliner (on clearance) by Pixi.

I am bound and determined to add more color. My next step is the Sonia Kashuk aisle at Target when her spring line hits stores. I dug out her Mauvey lip color and Fairy gloss today. I’m thinking a pink lip shade, and something colorful for the eyes? Hmmm…

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