Coping Naturally: Cold Remedies

My 19-month-old now has her first serious cold. An oozing nose that turned into a congested chest that turned into a mix between the two. In general, our family does not use over the counter medicines if possible. For headaches we drink peppermint tea, for stomach aches ginger. And as fluids and rest are the best medicines, we tend to pump those instead of cough syrup and Ibuprofin.

That being said, my poor daughter sounded so miserable that I almost gave in to getting some cold medicine. Almost.

But then I did a quick google for natural remedies. A hot bath did wonders to get her nose flowing so her cough slowed down a bit. Then I fought her to the floor and held her down to use the nasal aspirator. Good grief, those things are mini miracle workers. Awhile later I noticed she still sounded congested in her chest so I gave her a toddler spoonful of honey and twenty minutes later she was good as new. (The article I read actually suggested 1 Tbsp of honey, but why start with a max dose?)

I also have her sleeping with a humidifier and yesterday was a wonderfully rainy day so I left the living room window open all day.

Who needs cough medicine? Not this mama and surely not her little girl.

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