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Over the last seventeen months, my body has changed. Dramatically. I am tall, thin, and have always been “underweight.” I say this not to make people jealous, not to brag, not to have weird internet stalker guys drooling, but to hopefully be of some help.

The reason my body has undergone numerous sizes is because I had my first child. While I loved every second of getting, being, and recovering from being pregnant (yes, even the throwing up on the side of the road, the stitches, and the wondering if I’ll ever fit into my favorite jeans again), I recently had difficulties shopping.

During my pregnancy I gained somewhere around 35-40 pounds. Most of which was gained in my belly. From there, the bulk of the weight wound up in my bra. And herein lies the reason for my post.

I read a statistic somewhere that 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size. I can believe it! I am very particular about the bras I wear and purchase. They must first and foremost be comfortable. Supportive comes in at a very close second. I then need something very mommy-friendly with a hint of sex appeal. I am, after all, a woman!

I’ve waited over eight months since having my daughter, and more than a month since I stopped breast-feeding to be sure I am at my new size. In all honesty, I expected to be a tad bit larger but I am in fact smaller than before my pregnancy. Or at least I’m too small for the bras I had been wearing. I decided to do things right so I hit up Google for some tips on bra-fitting and used Victoria’s Secret and HerRoom for measurement suggestions. I made sure to try on the size the links suggested as well as a band size and cup size one step up and down. I probably tried on about a total of fifty bras from six or seven different manufacturers and settled on two types:

Gilligan & O’Malley’s gel push-up padded bra: I love the push-up part for support but it isn’t over-done! This brand matched my measurements and band and cup size exactly.

Rene Rofe: plain-Jane generic white necessary for the underwear drawer of every woman. This particular bra ended up being up one band size and down one cup size.

All I need now is a strapless I feel supported in and I’m set!

I am very excited at having a bra that meets all of my criteria, which is why I’ve written this post. Sure, it’s a bit personal, but if it helps even one woman out there find something that makes her feel great about her body, then it was worth the discomfort of everyone who happened across this by accident!

Good luck ladies, and happy bra shopping!

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