Valentine’s Card

This was a fun idea that came into my head for the upcoming Hallmark holiday.  Generally, I don’t do anything out of the ordinary, but I figured there are some people out there who would love a little snail mail from my daughter.

Supplies: In addition to what you see, I used 3-D heart stickers and ultra fine point Sharpie markers in Valentine’s colors.  Also, instead of using fancy adhesives, a glue stick would have worked just fine.  My favorite thing about this project is that most of the supplies were from the dollar section of Target!  Also, I love the Value pack of plain cards and envelopes from Michaels, purchased with a 40% off coupon of course!

Step 1: Be sure to have a wet cloth ready!  Use a sponge brush to paint the bottom of baby’s foot.  Quickly roll it onto plain white paper.  Do this for as many cards as you will make leaving <span style=”font-style:italic;”>plenty</span> of space.

Step 2: Do the same to the opposite foot.  Line up the heel of baby’s foot with the heel on paper and make a “V” shape while rolling the second foot.  Let the heart feet dry and move on to the cards.

Step 3: Stamp the inside of your cards.  Then write simple Valentine’s notes inside.

Step 4: Cut craft paper to fit the outside of your cards and attach to the cover.  Embelish with two thin horizontal strips.

Step 5: When heart feet are dry, cut them out in heart-shapes!  I am terrible at free-handing anything so I folded mine first to make the hearts somewhat symmetrical.  Be sure to look at both sides while cutting so all toes make the final cut!

Step 6: Adhere the paper hearts to the front of the cards.  Add a 3-D sticker as the finishing touch!

Step 7: Stuff those envelopes and, if your child is old enough, seal with a lipstick kiss!

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